What is the Problem with Cow’s Dairy?


What does it mean when food is labeled "organic" and is it actually better for you?Cow’s dairy has a protein within it called “casein”.  This is a very large protein that is difficult to effectively breakdown and metabolize.  Since our body’s cannot effectively break it down, it will sit in your digestive tracts and cause inflammation.  The reason this protein is large is because it is designed for the cow’s digestive tracts which are considerable larger animals than humans.

Cow’s are routinely given hormones and antibiotics to make them grow faster, bigger and stronger, and these substances make its way into the milk that is consumed by humans.  There has been little to no research done on the long-term effects of these hormones and antibiotics on human health.  The hormones consumed throw off our own delicate hormone balance.  The antibiotics consumed kill off our healthy bacterial flora which is necessary for good digestion and a healthy immune system.

The commercialization of cow’s milk has made it a lot different than it was even 50 years ago.  Fifty years ago, cow’s milk was freshly squeezed and delivered to your door on the same day from a local farm, where you knew exactly where the milk was coming from, what the farmers were feeding the cow and how the cow was being treated.  The dairy industry is very different now, it is now a big business industry. Cows are given hormones to make them produce more milk than normal and antibiotics to try to ward off infections.  The milk is all pooled together from a number of different cows and different farms.  The milk is then heated in a procedure called “pasteurization”, which kills off any bacteria in the milk but also kills off any healthy bacteria from the milk and denatures beneficial enzymes.  This leaves the milk with a lot less beneficial substances, a lot more chemicals than it did 50 years ago when you got fresh, raw milk delivered to your door.  Due to the homogenization and pasteurization process milk no longer has the benefits of raw milk.