April 2023 Newsletter

Latest Interview

Dr. Melina Roberts was a guest on Tributaries Radio speaking about The Folk Remedy Castor Oil

Upcoming Class

Do you want to optimize your brain?

Join Dr. Amanda Ferris for our Brain Optimization Class. Learn the science behind how trauma is stored and released from the body.

Next class: Wednesday, April 12th at 12pm MT.

COST: $39

CLICK HERE to register: https://advancednaturopathic.janeapp.com/#/discipline/2/treatment/91


If you’re interested in trying out blue blockers for your sleep health, and to ensure better wake-ups the next day, my recommended blue light blocking glasses are definitely Swannies, by Swanwick. They’re the most scientifically-validated on the market, and have been seen in Harvard Business Review and the Journal of Applied Psychology.

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