June 2023 Newsletter

Latest Interview

Dr. Melina Roberts was interviewed by Nick Carrier on The Best You Podcast speaking about Optimizing your Gut Microbiome

Upcoming Event

Las Vegas Keto and Health Expo

Dr. Melina Roberts will be a guest speaker at the Las Vegas Keto and Health Expo.

DATE:  September 28, 29, and 30, 2023

ORDER TICKETS: www.lvketo.com

Brain Optimization Program – What will you get out of the program

1. Changing your mindset about stress and why it’s difficult.
When you open your mind to a new approach, you release yourself from your brain’s addiction of repeating old habits.
2. Personalized coaching sessions with Dr. Amanda Ferris, ND
Pinpointing your unique “stuck points” or repeating patterns of reactions to stressors that simply aren’t serving you anymore will allow you to zero in on what needs to be treated. Optimizing your brain involves.
3. Exercises to implement a new response to stress.
Traditional counseling focuses on repeating the stories or situations that have continued to cause you stress. While this may feel satisfying in the moment (releasing anger and endorphins) it rarely provides the brain an opportunity to find a new way to respond. Even if you have an “ah ha” moment when you make connections as to WHY you feel a certain way, it doesn’t change the way to FEEL about it. It usually serves to ingrain the unhealthy pattern of response even further and drives you to find ways to get relief (addictions, poor eating, emotional difficulty)/ The exercises we do together in the sessions will let you have a positive, unique, EXPERIENCE (not just talking about it) that will be groundbreaking for your brain and initiate a new response to stress.
4. Releasing stored emotions from the body.
The reason you feel something over and over, even in new relationships or situations is that the brain has a phenomenal radar for identifying any present situation that looks, smells, sounds, tastes, or feels like a past threatening event. It learns to be an overprotective bodyguard, sounding alarms (stress reactions, muscle tension, and inflammation) at the smallest of signals. The emotions you continue to feel days, years or decades later are repeated as your body continues to try to get you to safety. This means your brain believes the threat is still about to happen, happening, or just happened, over and over. This will happen UNTIL your brain gets the message that all is well and you are not in danger anymore. When we do the exercises in the sessions that isolate these emotions and then reconsolidate the traumatic memories to be tagged as “over’ or “complete”, then we no longer need these difficult emotions to surface in our present life. People describe the experience as being “freed” or “clear” or finally at ease. Because we work at the level of the subconscious mind, where you store learned behaviors like riding a bike and driving a car, you really have to experience this to understand it. Just like riding a bike. a person must get on the bike and pedal as you give instructions. You cannot teach balance, center of gravity and momentum without the bike!