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1. Changing your mindset about stress and why it’s difficult.
When you open your mind to a new approach, you release yourself from your brain’s addiction of repeating old habits.
2. Personalized coaching sessions with Dr. Amanda Ferris, ND
Pinpointing your unique “stuck points” or repeating patterns of reactions to stressors that simply aren’t serving you anymore will allow you to zero in on what needs to be treated. Optimizing your brain involves.
3. Exercises to implement a new response to stress.
Traditional counseling focuses on repeating the stories or situations that have continued to cause you stress. While this may feel satisfying in the moment (releasing anger and endorphins) it rarely provides the brain an opportunity to find a new way to respond. Even if you have an “ah ha” moment when you make connections as to WHY you feel a certain way, it doesn’t change the way to FEEL about it. It usually serves to ingrain the unhealthy pattern of response even further and drives you to find ways to get relief (addictions, poor eating, emotional difficulty)/ The exercises we do together in the sessions will let you have a positive, unique, EXPERIENCE (not just talking about it) that will be groundbreaking for your brain and initiate a new response to stress.
4. Releasing stored emotions from the body.
The reason you feel something over and over, even in new relationships or situations is that the brain has a phenomenal radar for identifying any present situation that looks, smells, sounds, tastes, or feels like a past threatening event. It learns to be an overprotective bodyguard, sounding alarms (stress reactions, muscle tension, and inflammation) at the smallest of signals. The emotions you continue to feel days, years or decades later are repeated as your body continues to try to get you to safety. This means your brain believes the threat is still about to happen, happening, or just happened, over and over. This will happen UNTIL your brain gets the message that all is well and you are not in danger anymore. When we do the exercises in the sessions that isolate these emotions and then reconsolidate the traumatic memories to be tagged as “over’ or “complete”, then we no longer need these difficult emotions to surface in our present life. People describe the experience as being “freed” or “clear” or finally at ease. Because we work at the level of the subconscious mind, where you store learned behaviors like riding a bike and driving a car, you really have to experience this to understand it. Just like riding a bike. a person must get on the bike and pedal as you give instructions. You cannot teach balance, center of gravity and momentum without the bike!

A customized, therapeutic approach to resolve stress and trauma from a naturopathic perspective of holistic healing.

Stress – you experience it every day and know it is the underlying cause for so many issues, including chronic illness, pain and anxiety. Despite well-applied treatment plans, therapies and support, you seem to continue the patterns of negative behaviors, thoughts and feelings that cause you to remain stuck and falling short of the wellness you deserve.

Would you like to try an integrated approach to stress management that offers rapid and lasting relief?

Integrated Mind-Body Approach

  • Address Your Stress Individual program is designed by Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Amanda Ferris, after 15 years of experience. With extensive training in stress and energy management, neuroscience, and mind-body medicine, this program is intended to address the deep layer of stress that fuels chronic health issues. Whether or not you have a mental health diagnosis, you can benefit from this program that will rapidly unburden your mind and body of past trauma and give you the tools to handle stress in a healthy way in the present

Imagine if you were more calm, focused, creative, intuitive, and open-minded? How much easier would it be to reach your goals?

Dr. Amanda’s mission is to empower you with more options for conscious and sustainable adaptation to stress.

The program will:

  • Provide a simple scientific framework to help you understand how balancing your nervous system will help your particular health concern.
  • Create and teach a personalized mindful movement & meditation plan to support your health goals
  • Train you to effectively use the HeartMath Technology.
  • Support a new mindset for health and healing to take more ownership of personal wellbeing. Feelings of shame, overwhelm, and confusion are decreased and a more empowered view of self emerges.

“The hormones of stress are the most basic fuel for staying unwell. Once a person understands HOW to shift to a more empowered, thriving response to stress, then healing can truly be ignited.”

~Dr. Amanda Ferris, ND

Address Your Stress is a strength-based, simplified approach to optimizing brain function and your response to stress.

This approach is ideal for:

  • Supportive care during Cancer Treatment
  • Recovery from Trauma
  • Loss and Grief
  • Caregiver fatigue
  • Work-related stress
  • Disordered eating

Feeling overwhelmed by stress keeps you entrenched in patterns of self-sabotage and unhealthy lifestyles. Instead of just more sacrifice and self-discipline, this approach will provide new knowledge based on neuroscience to bridge that gap, counteract your negative thoughts and empower your desired change.

Stress cuts off sensation to the body, decreasing the ability to notice both emotional and physical pain This approach helps to reconnect body and mind so you can be more sensitive to your deeper needs and feelings rather than just your survival instincts.

Stress clouds your judgment and creativity because your body doesn’t perceive it as essential to survival. Transforming how your body handles stress and past trauma will lay the foundation for realizing your most imaginative and innovative self, which essential to heal both the mind and body.

This approach can assist with:

  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Digestive problems
  • Sleep issues
  • Auto-immune disease
  • Low energy
  • Thyroid and hormonal disorders
  • Physical pain

The Brain Optimization Program includes:

  • 3-one-hour virtual sessions to clear trauma and re-educate your nervous system to a rebalanced state
  • Copy of Address Your Stress Workshop Manual as a guide for the sessions.
  • HeartMath Sensor ($275 value) to be used with the HeartMath app during each session.

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Dr. Amanda Ferris was interviewed by Dr. Sharon Stills on The Science of Self-Healing Podcast about Releasing Trauma that Underlies Health.

She is more than a doctor, she is an expert at teaching and sharing practices that can open the way to healing and the return to wholeness.” Dr. Chris Sowton, ND Toronto, ON

Dr. Amanda Ferris has the rare, lovely qualities of kindness, compassion and knowledge combined with the experience of having walked this path of healing from chronic illness.” Dr. Veronique Mead, MD, MA, Colorado

“Amanda’s gentle and motivational approach along with her incredible knowledge of the many aspects (mental, emotional, biological) of disease and how they interact is astounding. It was life-changing to know that I am not a victim of my health condition and its liberating to know that my body is ‘not against me’. I have never felt so safe, so informed and have never slept so well.” – Lori

About Dr. Amanda Ferris, ND

As a licensed Naturopathic Doctor since 2005, Dr. Amanda has helped her patients treat the underlying cause of their health concerns using Homeopathy, Bowen Therapy, Nutrition, and Detoxification. Now she is the facilitator of the Brain Optimization Program – Address Your Stress Individual Program and is a certified HealthMath Practitioner and Trauma-Informed Care specialist.