Full Body Scan for Early Detection of Disease Processes — CRT


What if there was a way to scan the body for disease processes before they occur?
What if it did not involve being exposed to radiation or harsh chemicals?
What if it was completely non-invasive?
What if the results were completely reliable and totally reproducible?

Full Body Scan for Early Detection of Disease Processes -- CRT

This technology exists and it is called “Computerized Regulation Thermography (CRT)”.   CRT is a non-invasive, diagnostic tool with reproducible results. It is able to measure for early detection and early diagnosis of irregularities in the body.

It involves measuring 119 points on the body, which represents all major organs.  It is based on heat physiology.  It involves using a probe that measures heat on the body, hence it is contact thermography.  The points are measured twice on the client by a technician.  In between measurements, the client stands with all the points exposed at a certain temperature for 10 minutes, this is a temperature that is slightly below room temperature, this is called “a cooling stimuli”.  All the 119 points are retested after this cooling stimuli.  This evaluates how well the body is able to cool itself down.  Typically cells that are not healthy will not cool down normally.  If cells are not able to regulate themselves, hence regulate its temperature, then these cells are not able to heal themselves and function appropriately.

This test is able to detect irregularities 5-7 years before it has showed up in a mammogram or MRI.

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