How did I get a fungal infection?


How did I get a fungal infection?Fungal infections are very common.

It is important to understand that fungi is a natural, normal part of a healthy gut flora.  The fungi naturally occurs in low levels in the body, but if the body becomes more acidic then this becomes a friendly breeding ground for fungi, which leads to an overgrowth of fungi in the body.  An example is “yeast”, which is a normal part of the gut flora, but when the pH becomes more acid in the body then there can be an overgrowth of yeast and the overgrowth is called a “fungal infection”.  Therefore, typically fungal infections actually come from our internal environment.  Fungal infections can also come from external environment such as exposure to molds.

The body can get more acidic due to inflammation caused from food intolerances, eating more acidic/inflammatory foods (ie. Wheat, cow’s dairy, sugar, caffeine) , infections, environmental toxins or heavy metals.

Since fungi is a natural, normal part of the gut flora, this is the reason that anti-fungal medications are similar to antibiotics and disrupt the gut flora by killing off “all” or “a lot” the fungal aspects in the body which throws off the natural gut flora.  We use remedies that can specifically target the “fungal overgrowth” while not disrupt the natural levels of fungi in the body.