October 2020 Newsletter


DFH Mastermind Virtual Summit

One of the Guest Speakers: Dr. Melina Roberts

Topic: Optimizing Patient Potential and Clinical Outcomes through Endogenous Ketones

Date and Time: November 7 & 8, 11am to 4pm EST

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3rd Annual Calgary Fermentation Festival virtual edition

One of the Guest Speakers: Dr. Melina Roberts

TOPIC: Virus and the Microbiome: A Paradigm Shift in Immune Health

DATE: November 9th – 20th

COST: $65 – $85

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I was diagnosed at the beginning of 2018 with stage 3 breast cancer which spread to the lymph nodes. I did not do any chemo, radiation or surgery.
In June of 2019 I heard Dr. Roberts on the Anti-Cancer Revolution talk and she made a real good impression on me so I decided to contact her office for a consultation. In July, I started an intensive cancer treatment which included intravenous vitamin C, local hyperthermia, Ozone-UBI intravenous and towards the end of my treatment infrared saunas was also added. In addition, I had an array of vitamins and herbs daily. Also, a diet change recommended by Dr. Roberts which excluded grains and a lot of vegetables and fruits that was specifically not good for me.
Today March 2020, 7 months after treatments, I feel excellent and my tumor has shrunk quite a bit. I have to thank Dr. Roberts and the Advanced Naturopathic team who have all put a helping hand into giving me a full month of daily treatments.
I believe that my cancer was brought on from stress. I am doing a lot of meditation, qigong and yoga now daily which I believe is helping with my healing.
I would go back to see Dr. Roberts again for any future health issues.
~Alexia, Seattle, WA


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