FIVE Reasons for the Increase in Low Iodine Levels

Low iodine can lead to thyroid disorders, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, cancer (including breast and prostate). FIVE Reasons for the Increase in Low Iodine Levels Our soils are mineral deficient. Crops grown in iodine-deficient soil will be deficient in iodine. People on low-sodium diets. Even [...]

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Does Iodine Deficiency Only Happen in Third World Countries?

No, iodine deficiency does not only occur in third world countries. We are seeing an increase in iodine deficiency in developed countries. The largest sources of iodine is in sea vegetables and ocean fish, therefore diets lacking in seafood can lead to iodine deficiency. [...]

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NINE Symptoms Associated With Low Thyroid Function

NINE symptoms associated with low thyroid function: Cold hands and feet Dry Skin, brittle nails Constipation weight gain, difficulty losing weight excessive hair loss, outer 1/3 of eyebrow without hair growth PMS, Fertility issue Depression Fatigue poor concentration

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FOUR Benefits of Iodine

Improves thyroid and all endocrine gland function. Tissues that utilize iodine: thyroid, adrenal glands, breast, prostate gland, thymus, ovaries, hypothalamus, pituitary gland, GI tract, bones, connective tissue. Thyroid hormones are T3 and T4 which refers to the number of iodine atoms the hormone contains. [...]

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Liver-Hormone Connection

The liver is where the hormones are metabolized. Liver makes cholesterol and cholesterol is the building block of all your hormones including: Hormones for your ovaries including estrogen and progesterone Hormones for your adrenal glands including cortisone and adrenaline Hormones for your thyroid Therefore [...]

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FIVE Causes of Thyroid Dysfunction

Do you have cold hands and cold feet? Do you have difficulty losing weight? Do you experience constipation? Do you have dry skin or brittle nails? If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, your thyroid may be out of balance. The thyroid is [...]

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