Let’s talk about underwire bras.

The other day I had a patient come into my office and she said ‘I just learned I shouldn’t be wearing underwire bras’. I responded with, I’ve known that information for a number of years and I haven’t worn underwire bras for many years’. What I realized was that this isn’t common knowledge and that this would be a good topic for a blog post to explain what the problems are with underwire bras.

The challenge with underwire bras is that it will impede on the proper flow of the lymphatic system. It will impede on the proper lymphatic drainage of the breast tissue. That is why I recommend that woman do not wear underwire bras.

The lymphatic system is a dynamic system that is constantly moving and cleaning up tissues and moving that toxic load out of the body. Now if there is anything that impedes the proper movement of the lymphatic system that can be problematic, therefore we don’t want to do anything that stops the proper flow and drainage of the lymphatic system.

The superficial lymphatic system drains the head and neck, the breast, the skin. We want to make sure that this dynamic system can properly drain all of these tissues, then that superficial lymphatic system drains into the deep lymphatic system, into the deep vital organs, it all filters through the liver and empties out the colon.

We want to make sure we support that dynamic process of lymphatic drainage and one of the ways we can support this is by making sure we are not wearing underwire bras that can impede the proper flow and proper drainage of the breast tissue.