Pork or pig is biologically similar to human meat. This is why we can do a pig heart valve transplants in humans because the tissues are compatible with little risk of rejection by our immune systems.

Now when we consume pork it elicits an immune response. We are able to see this with the darkfield microscopy, if a patient has recently eaten pork we will see a huge activation of the immune system. What is happening is that when we are consuming pork, it activates the whole immune system because the immune system is trying to decipher self from non-self. The immune system is trying decide, do I digest these proteins or do I leave these proteins.

When we look at autoimmune disease, the body is trying to decipher self from non-self and it has a tough time deciphering self from non-self, then your body starts to attack its own proteins.

I’m not saying that eating pork can cause autoimmune disease, but I would say that if you personally have an autoimmune disease or you have a susceptibility to an autoimmune disease, so a first-degree relative has any sort of autoimmune disease, then I would suggest that you decrease your consumption of pork.

I realize this is tough for people to hear, as I know people love their bacon.

Pork should not be one of your sample meats. You can have it on occasion but not on a consistent basis.

Again, I’m not saying eating pork causes autoimmune disease but if you are eating it on a consistent basis, it can increase your susceptibility to autoimmune disease.