Do you know what the glymphatic system is?

The glymphatic system is the glial-lymphatic system. It was discovered in 2013. They’ve discovered that the fluids that go throughout our central nervous system, the brain and the spine, called our cerebral spinal fluid. There are vessels that attach to the brain and will clean up the brain tissue with the cerebral spinal fluid.

During our deep sleep phase of our sleep cycle, our body cleanses the brain. We have a decrease of blood flow in the brain, and an increase of cerebral spinal fluid and that cerebral spinal fluid flushes into the brain tissue and flushes out toxic loads and helps to flush that toxic load out of our systems.

The glymphatic system has a way of cleaning up our brain tissue using the cerebral spinal fluid.

Now we know if we can improve deep sleep, then we can help the brain to clean itself up and move toxic loads out of the system. This is an important reason why we need high quality deep sleep.