Let’s start with what insulin is. Insulin is a hormone that is released from the pancreas due to the presence of glucose or sugar in the blood. On our cell membranes are insulin receptors. So insulin will go into these insulin receptors, like a lock and key and when insulin is in that insulin receptor then glucose is allowed to enter the cell and glucose is made into ATP, which is energy for the body.

What happens with a lot of people is that they are able to make insulin in response to sugar or glucose in the blood, but our cells are not able to effectively utilize that insulin to allow the glucose into the cells to make energy. This is what we call insulin resistance.

So it’s either because the insulin receptors are broken or those insulin receptors are just not as sensitive as they need to be. This leads to a build up of insulin and sugar outside of the cell and sugar is not effectively moving into the cell to make ATP or energy.

This is important to understand as it is a problem of a large percentage of the population.

Insulin resistance overtime can lead to diabetes. Therefore we need to take control of it before it leads to diabetes.