Let’s talk about UBI, Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation, Therapy.

We remove some blood, usually about 50-60cc of blood. We mix that blood with an anti-coagulant. Within a closed, airtight circuit we return the blood to the patient. Before the blood returns to the patient the blood goes into a glass cuvette and the blood is exposed to UV lights.

If there is any bacteria or viruses or problematic agents in the blood, they will absorb five times the photonic energy from the UV lights as the healthy cells. This makes the healthy cells stronger. The microbes that have gone under the UV lights are destroyed. This stimulates an induced secondary immune reactivation. So what is happening is that it’s going to supercharge the immune system, because as the blood returns back to the patient, it’s going to alert the immune system of what it now has to get rid of as it produces antigens to what needs to be removed within the body.

The affects that UBI IVs have on the body is that it will kill off infectious agents, it will help to oxygenate the blood, it will improve circulation and decrease inflammation.