This is perhaps the most important aspect for understanding the mechanism of cancer in the body at a cellular level.

There are 2 types of cellular metabolism – discovered by Warburg

  1. Respirate oxygen – in the mitochondria, aerobic (with oxygen), anabolic (building stage), healthy environment, this happens when the cells are nicely spaced out and can utilize oxygen as an energy source
  2. Ferment sugar – insufficient oxygen, in the cytoplasm which generates lactic acid – a toxic by-product (which makes the environment even more acidic) and carbon monoxide (prevents hemoglobin from picking up fresh oxygen), anaerobic (without oxygen), catabolic (breaking down stage), unhealthy environment (compensation type of metabolism for a poor terrain), because all metabolism is happening in the cytoplasm it promotes mitochondrial dysfunction which is also a sign of poor cellular metabolism. This happens when the cells are clumped together and aren’t able to use oxygen as an energy source and are forced to use sugar as an energy source. Another key component is without proper amount of oxygen in the body, the body’s temperature is reduced below normal which alters the body’s resistance.