Exercise has numerous benefits to our health and is vital for obtaining optimal health.  Exercise is one of the foundations of health.  Our bodies were designed to move, we were not designed to have these sedentary lifestyles, where we sit at our desks and our mode of transportation is a motorized vehicle.  Exercise helps with:

  1. obtaining optimal body composition, boosting metabolism
  2. improving brain function
  3. improving circulation and oxygenation of tissues
  4. boosting the immune system, stimulates lymphatic system
  5. improves bowel regularity
  6. balancing hormones
  7. improving moods, reduces stress
  8. increasing energy
  9. promotes better sleep
  10. increase longevity and happiness


  • Heart rate is increased for 30mins per day and you should be sweating.
  • Sweating helps to move toxins out of the body and the increase in core temperature helps to kill off infectious agents and boost the metabolism.
  • You should be accomplishing this doing an activity that you enjoy.

Studies have shown that when people do activities that they enjoy, they receive more health benefits than those that did the same activity but did not enjoying doing it.  The mind-body connection is so fascinating.

The take-home message is do an activity that you truly enjoy for 30 minutes a day, get a good sweat going, and the health benefits will ensue.