Lymphatic system helps to clean up your tissues and moves toxic loads out of the body. The reason we want to stimulate the deep lymphatics is because the deep lymphatics drain all of your deep vital organs. You have your superficial lymphatic system that drains your head, neck, skin, breasts, everything superficial. Then your superficial lymphatic system drains into your deep lymphatic system, filters through the liver, and empties out the colon. Typically the most challenging part of our lymphatic system to get moving is the deep lymphatic system. That deep lymphatic system is draining and moving toxins out of the body.

Here are some tactics to help stimulate and activate the deep lymphatics system so that we can clean up our tissues and move that toxic load effectively out of the body.

  1. Jumping on the mini-trampolines for 10mins per day.
  2. Strenuous physical exercise that leads to sweating.
  3. Castor Oil Packs
  4. Dry skin brushing. Gentle circular motion on the skin with a luffa sponge towards the heart.
  5. Infrared sauna. Infrared saunas can activate tissues 6cm deep, which stimulates the deep lymphatics and helps to move toxins out through the skin.
  6. Machines that activate the deep lymphatics and properly drains that system. (ie. FLOWpresso)

These are some excellent tactics that you can start to implement into your life to activate the movement of the deep lymphatic system. We all need a lymphatic system that moves effectively so that our systems can move toxic loads out of the body and our systems are able to function well. The lymphatic system is a way of cleaning up the body’s terrain, moving that toxic load out and it needs to be a really dynamic system to clean the tissues up and move that toxic load out.