I want to share with you a study that I came across that reverses the toxicity of glyphosate.

Glyphosate is a herbicide that is sprayed on our crops and when we consume this herbicide it kills off some of our healthy microbes in our gut, damages the microvilli of our intestinal tract, and disrupts the function of the liver.

What they are finding in agriculture is that dairy cows fed with a glyphosate covered, GMO feed. This has had a toxicity effect on the animals and has impacted animal production, decreasing milk production, and predispose cattle to botulism by suppressing healthy intestinal bacteria.

The researchers were trying to uncover ways to decrease toxic load of glyphosate in the cows.

They tried to use oral charcoal alone but it did not significantly change glyphosate levels. When they used oral charcoal with sauerkraut or humic acid (an ingredient of humus, the organic matter of soil) this reduced toxicity of glyphosate, increased their production of milk and improved health of animals.

So this can be potentially be used in humans, though there has not been any humans studies done on the subject matter.


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