Let’s talk about PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) Therapy.

This therapy has been equated to hooking all of your cells up to jumper cable and jump starting the cellular energy in all of our cells.

All of our cells are like little capacitors, they hold energy, they hold electrical energy. What happens overtime is that that electrical energy starts to decrease in all of our cells. When that energy decreases in our cells, that’s when we see pain appear and disease processes. Our cells lose their charge due to poor diet, lack of exercise, exposure to air pollution, exposure to environmental toxins. These are some of the things that can decrease the electrical potential in our cells.

Our cells, these little capacitors, will lose their charge, will lose their electrical voltage. The same as your cell phone will lose its charge. So we need a way to recharge these cells.

We can do this by eating a healthy diet that is rich in minerals, drinking clean water, exposure to fresh air outside, exposure to sunlight and the other way we can be re-charging our cells in from exposure to the earth’s PEMF.

The earth has pulsed electric and magnetic fields that help to recharge our cells. This therapy has the earth’s pulsed electromagnetic fields, helping to recharge all of our cells. This is a high voltage machine, you will feel the pulsation throughout the body, which helps to charge up the cells quickly.

This is a therapy that has lots of research backing it.

It’s been shown to help improve oxygenation of our cells, increasing the energy in our cells, build stronger bones, decrease pain, improve sleep, improve energy, improve circulation, improves immunity, help with stress reduction, help with nerve and tissue regeneration.