Let’s talk about NeuroViscero Regulation therapy.

The major concept behind NeuroViscero Regulation is understanding how important regulation is in the body. Every cell, organ, tissue in the body needs to be able to regulate itself, in order the body to properly self-heal and for the body to be able to reach a state of homeostasis.

NeuroViscero Regulation Therapy identifies and removes the stressors on the body and then allow the body to properly regulate itself.

We do this through an assessment through the autonomic nervous system. This is the part of the nervous system that runs in the background and we do not consciously control it. We can do testing through this autonomic nervous system to determine what the stressors are on the body.

When we have a number of stressors on the body, those stressors are barriers to proper healing and proper regulation. The stressors can also affect how different organs of the body function.

We start with an assessment to see what those stressors are on the body. Typically it is multi-causal. Usually there are a number of stressors on the body.

The six stressors are:

  1. Food Intolerances
  2. Immune challenges
  3. Heavy Metals
  4. Environmental Toxins
  5. Physical Stressors
  6. Emotional Conflicts

Then we are figuring out which organ system that stressor is decreasing the function of.

Then we are going to treat the body in a priority sequence in a very systematic way.

Then we need to figure out which of these stressors are priority, as this point in time. Then we work on removing that stressor on the nervous system, and treating the organ that the stressor is weakening. By doing this we are creating a new neural pathway. We will see that that system is no longer weakened by the stressor, as we retest the body through the autonomic nervous system and what we will see is a strengthening of the nervous system. Then we lock in the change, we need to nervous system to hold onto the changes we’ve just made.