Let’s talk about Neuro-Emotional Technique.

When we have emotional stressors or emotional conflicts that they get stored in the body, specifically in our nervous system. Depending on what that stressor is, it will leave an imprint on the nervous system and specifically affect how different organ systems function. Therefore an emotional stress can affect how our body’s function.

This therapy identifies that stressor, removes that stressor and allows the nervous system and organ system to function that way it was designed to function.

With this therapy, we are identifying that emotional conflict, then we are finding the original event that been affecting that system, then we clear that original event from the nervous system, then we re-check and see if the system is now strong in relationship to that stressor following the treatment.

This is a safe, effective, fast way of helping to clear emotional stressors from the system. And it does this permanently without changing the event, it just changes the way that conflict was affecting the nervous system.