DEFINITION OF HEALTH is the ability of the body to be able to adapt to its our environment. Every system of the body should be able to express this healthy adaptation or self-healing mechanism to stressors in its environment either internally or externally in order for us to be healthy.

We have trained our bodies to do, as a population, is to use glucose or sugar as an energy source.

With the ketogenic diet and fasting, we can train our bodies to use ketones as an energy source.

Becoming metabolically flexible is our body’s ability to use ketones (fat) and glucose (sugar) as fuel, as needed.

This is an important adaptation that our bodies have done since the beginning of time. Our ancestral origins is our bodies having to adapt to fast and famine. There were points in time, as hunters and gatherers, when there was a lot of food and there were points in time when there was a lack of food. The better our body is able to adapt to changes in its environment, the healthier we are and the longer we will live.