The liver in addition to being a major detoxifying organ and doing over 200 chemical reactions, it is also a frontline organ in terms of the immune system.

Pathogens will enter the body through the digestive tract. Your skin is your barrier on the outside of your body, and your digestive tract is your barrier on the outside of your body. The liver detects the pathogen, then decides whether the infectious agent should stay in the body or needs to be cleared out of the body and then it moves the pathogen out of the body.

Liver plays a big role as the frontline defence in terms of our immune system.

Therefore the liver should be supported, protected and taken care of, through foods, supplements and decreasing the toxic load that we bring into the body.  Then the liver can focus on its role of detecting pathogens instead of being overloaded with toxins and the liver is able to play that significant role as a major defensive mechanism.

We want to give our liver some love.


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