Research has documented numerous benefits from chelation, especially in the field of cardiovascular disease.

  1. Chelation helps to reduce the oxidative damage that initiates plaque build-up in the arteries that leads to hypertension and ischemic heart disease.
  2. Current research shows that chelation therapy increases the body’s natural production of nitric oxide in the blood vessel wall. Nitric oxide helps to relax smooth muscles in the arteries allowing for increased delivery of blood, oxygen and other vital nutrients to the tissues. The end result is enhanced circulation, improved kidney function, a reduction in chest pain and blood pressure, and increased exercise tolerance.  Improved energy, reduced pain, and better mental clarity are other benefits of heavy metal detoxification.
  3. Typically chelation therapy is used to remove heavy metals from the tissues in the body. Studies have also demonstrated that IV chelation is able to clear out fatty deposit build up on the wall of the arteries and improve the integrity (elasticity and flexibility) of the arterial system. Studies have illustrated that “IV based chelation therapy markedly reduced cardiovascular events in post heart attack patients with diabetes and peripheral artery disease” 2. IV chelation enhances cardiovascular health by managing the controllable risk factors of cardiovascular disease. For example, chelation therapy is an effective and safe treatment for atherosclerosis because calcium disodium (EDTA), which is the chelating agent reduces cholesterol and improves the integrity of the arterial system by improving calcium and cholesterol metabolism 1,3.


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