Patients will often ask me how do they know if an exercise program is right for them. Here are the three questions you need to ask yourself to know if an exercise program is right for you:

  1. Are you experiencing pain when you are exercising? Listen to your body and use pain as your guide.
  2. Are you more or less energized after you exercise? If you are more tired or exhausted after exercise then it is wearing your system down, your adrenals are taxed and it’s not benefiting you. If you are energized after exercise then the exercise program is working for you. We need to listen to our bodies when it comes to exercise programs.
  3. Are you enjoying the exercise routine? Are you having fun? If you are doing an exercise program that you actually enjoy then you will have an increased physiological benefit. Do not just pick an exercise program because you think it will be beneficial, pick a program that you enjoy and you will get a more physiological benefits from it.