Let’s talk about Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis. This is a mineral analysis of the hair that reflects the mineral and heavy metal deposition in the tissues over the previous 3 months. The mineral levels and the imbalanced ratios give us insight into how the body deals with stress. Mineral imbalances give us insight into the cause of energy deficits and direct us on how to resolve the energy crisis within the body.

Blood is a transport medium within the body, used to moved various nutrients and wastes from place to place in the body. Many nutrient levels are maintained in tight parameters within the blood. So when levels of the nutrients start to drop in the blood, then the body will pull the nutrients from the tissues into the blood to keep that blood in the tight parameter. This is one reason why testing the blood for minerals and heavy metals is not accurate.

Hair mineral analysis gives an insight into the mineral & heavy metal levels in the tissues. We will often see changes in the hair mineral analysis before we see changes in the blood.

It is important to note that it does not indicate the total mineral load in the body.