I want to talk about a concept regarding hormonal balancing that is typically forgotten or ignored.

Many people experience hormonal imbalances from female hormones being out of balance such as irregular menses, hot flashes, night sweats; to their thyroid being out of balance; to hormonal imbalances of their adrenal glands such as fatigue.

The ignored concept of hormones, is the connection between hormones and cell membranes.

Embedded in cell membranes are thousands of hormone receptors. Hormones are cell to cell communicators. Endocrine problems occur due to damaged hormone receptors, therefore the solution is repairing these receptors instead of adding more hormones to the system. Adding more hormones does not fix the problem and instead makes the receptors more resistant (hormone resistance) ie. Insulin resistance. The way to reverse hormone resistance is to heal cell membranes, fixing the problem at its source. The solution to truly balancing hormones is proper fat absorption to make healthy cell membranes and that we are taking in the right building blocks, which are the healthy fats.