Hidden places for Industrial Oils….even when you think you are eating health!!

Here are some hidden places that you can find industrial oils. Industrial oils are the oils that cause inflammation in the body and we shouldn’t be consuming. There are hidden places we can find these industrial oils, even when we think we are eating healthy.

  1. Salad dressing

One of those hidden places is in salad dressing. You are consuming a salad that has lots of healthy, green vegetables, super healthy, then you pour this salad dressing on your salad to add to the taste and when you look at the ingredients of the salad dressing, often you will see they contain these industrial oils, that we should actually be removing from the diet.

So some of those industrial oils are oils such as sunflower oil, safflower oil, soy oil, corn oil, canola oil. These are oils that we want to be avoiding in our diet. And often these industrial oils are making their way into our foods and the challenge with this is that they are causing inflammation in the body and they are becoming part of our cell membranes and decreasing the integrity of our cell membranes and this will decrease the ability of how our body is able to function.

So make sure you read through the label of your salad dressing before consuming it.

  1. Gluten-free snacks

There are lots of great tasting gluten-free snacks that are not necessarily nutrient-dense, but they are ok for that occasional treat. There are different kinds of gluten-free treats from cookies, to crackers, to wafers. The challenge is that when you look at that label you will see that they contain these industrial oils.

  1. Sauces

There are different sauces that we cook with like tomato sauce that have industrial oils. There was a butter chicken sauce that I really liked and when I looked at the label, it contained industrial oils. Mayonnaise contains industrial oils, the main ingredient is canola oil is most of them.

  1. Dips

Another food we may be consuming are dips. There is a hummus dip that we would consume, trying to be healthier, but when you look at the label there is industrial oils in them.

This is where we as the consumers need to demanding from the food industries, even the healthy food industries, that they need to be removing these industrial oils from the foods. And it won’t be until, we the public demand these changes that the changes will be made. We need to read those labels and only be purchasing products that don’t contain these industrial oils. Vote with your dollars!

We start to see this change in potato chips. Most potato chips are made with sunflower oil or canola oil. Now we are starting to see that some of those potato chips are made with avocado oil. So we are seeing it happen in the food industry, but we just need to demand it of more of our foods.

  1. Chicken fed soy, corn or canola

When chicken is fed soy, corn or canola, this is making the fats of the chicken unhealthy because it has that industrial oils within it, then when we consume this meat we take in these industrial oils. This helps to re-emphasis that concept of not only WE ARE WHAT WE EAT, but WE ARE WHAT WE EAT EATS. It is very important that we understand what the animals are eating that we are consuming because that will influence the composition of that meat and that will affect our health. Therefore we want to select chicken that has not been fed GMO soy, corn or canola.

  1. Seaweed

Now another surprising food for me was seaweed. Seaweed can be such a healthy snack, but when I looked at the label of the seaweed, I saw that it contains industrial oils, which makes it an unhealthy snack as opposed to a healthy snack for us to be consuming.

  1. Chocolate

Another food is chocolate. One of my favourite foods. It saddens me to see that a lot of the chocolates contain industrial oils. We want to avoiding any foods including chocolate that contain these industrial oils. Luckily there are still some companies that make chocolate that do not contain industrial oils, so I can still consume chocolate!!

  1. Fried foods in restaurants

The other place where you will find industrial oils is in restaurants with fried foods. Those fried foods can taste really good, but they will typically be fried in industrial oils like canola oil and this can cause a lot of inflammation in the body. I know this can be challenge for us as a family, as we try to consume gluten-free foods and we will ask about the French fries or the sweet potato fries and we first want to make sure that there is no cross contamination, so the foods are not fried in the same oil as gluten-containing foods. Sometimes they are cooked in a separate fryer so there would be no cross-contamination with gluten, but then it is usually fried in an industrial oil as opposed to lard, so it makes it an unhealthy food for us to consume that would lead to inflammation in the body.

We really need to be avoiding industrial oils if we really want to improve our health!!