What is the connection between grains and fungal overgrowths?

When we consume grains they down into sugars rapidly. As soon as we consume grains, we have an increase in blood sugars.

Within our digestive tract we have an ecosystem of fungi and bacteria that live within our digestive tract and we have a normal low level amount of fungi naturally in the gut. If we provide the right environment then we can cause an overgrowth of fungus in the gut. This overgrowth can lead to problems in the body and lead to a low-grade infection.

Now when we consume grains and those grains turn to sugars, that fungus that lives within our digestive tract love to feed off of the sugar and leads to an overgrowth of that fungus within our digestive tract. This can lead to a number of different symptoms from yeast infections, skin rashes to nail fungus to changes in bowel movements.

What’s important to understand is that fungal overgrowths in the gut can be fed from consuming grains in the diet. Those grains that turn to sugars can be feeding that fungal overgrowth.