Let’s talk about genetically modified organisms or GMO foods.

They are foods that have been genetically altered. They have specifically changed the DNA of these foods using genetic engineering techniques.

Many of the alterations made to these foods have made it to that these crops of these foods are more resistant to herbicides or viruses, therefore in agriculture the crops are more resistant to the herbicides, with less damage to the crops and potentially leading to higher yields.

The challenge is that these changes were made without the understanding of the long-term effects of human physiology and human health.

These foods that have been genetically modified are now different than the food in its natural origin. Our bodies, our human physiology, has been hard-wired to since the beginning of human existence to break down real foods of natural origin. Our human bodies have been designed to break down real, natural foods.

When the genetics of our foods are changed or manipulated, it makes it challenging for our human physiology to be able to effectively recognize, breakdown, metabolize and then make the nutrients useful to the body.

One of the challenges is that when we take in these genetically modified foods, our body sees it as a toxin, then it treats it differently than a nutrient, therefore it packages the toxin and tried to move it out of the body. Therefore when we take in that “food”, it is increasing the toxic load in the body and we get no nutritional value from that “food”.

The other thing that can happen is that our body can take in the GMO food and it can be so similar to real food that our body recognizes, and can make it part of our cellular system and incorporate it into our DNA and when this happens are do not know the long-term effects can be on our human health and our human physiology. This can be a challenge on how our body responds and becomes a huge unknown.

These are the challenges or problems with consuming genetically modified foods.

I suggest to avoid consuming GMO foods.