Many people don’t think of the gallbladder as an important component of the detoxification pathways. Let’s go through the gallbladders role in terms of the detoxification and why it’s vitally important to take care of this organ to ensure that our body can effectively detoxify.

Our liver manufactures bile, the gallbladder stores bile. The gallbladder releases bile into the small intestines in response to fatty foods being consumed through our diet. Bile helps to breakdown larger fat globules into smaller fat droplets (emulsification), so that enzymes (lipase) can full digest them. Bile salts emulsifies fats to aid in proper fat absorption. Bile binds to fat-soluble toxins to carry them out of the body through our stools. Ninety-five percent of bile is reabsorbed at end of small intestines by enterocytes and transported back to the liver, through a process called enterohepatic circulation. Five percent of bile is excreted through the stools, removing toxins from the body. This is a major mechanism for moving fat-soluble toxins out of the body.