At this point in time, we really want to make sure that our immune system is working well. Our immune system is our defence mechanism, against viruses, bacteria, pathogens, and cancer cells. We don’t want our immune system to be under functioning, or over functioning, we want our immune system to be reacting appropriately, the way it was designed to function.

Here are FOUR ways we are depleting our immune system:

  1. Poor diet – eating inflammatory food; gluten, cow’s dairy, sugar, processed foods, fried foods with unhealthy fats. These foods disrupt our microbiome, are damaging our mucous membranes of our digestive tract, impairing our immune system, congesting our terrain with toxins and inflammatory markers. Sugar – will decrease immune system for 6hrs after consuming.
  2. Alcohol – disrupts the microbiome, disrupts the gut barrier, reduces the number of immune cells and disrupts the function of the immune cells.
  3. Lack of quality sleep – We need high-quality sleep to properly build a strong immune system, as well as for rejuvenation, for detoxification. We need to prioritize sleep.
  4. Chronic Stress – worry, stress, anxiety depletes the immune system. The more we can spend time in nature, spend time with loved ones, doing meditation, relaxation, mindful tactics like mindful eating and taking the time to enjoy our foods, and trying to shift our bodies from sympathetic dominant state to a parasympathetic state.

We want to shift our systems, so instead of depleting our immune systems we are making choices to support our immune system.