I grew up thinking that milk was a healthy food. I believed that cow’s dairy was a healthy food, it did a body good and built strong bones.
Cow’s dairy includes milk, yogurt, cheese, ice cream.
FOUR problems I discovered about cow’s dairy.
1. Cow’s dairy has a protein in it called “casein” that is designed for cow’s digestive tracts not human digestive tracts, therefore we cannot effectively breakdown cow’s dairy, so it leads to inflammation in the digestive tract. Cow’s dairy is a major inflammatory food.
2. Cow’s dairy has hormones added to it to make the cow’s grow stronger, bigger and faster. These synthetic hormones through off our natural hormone balance.
3. Antibiotics are given to cows and these kill off pathogenic microbes in the cow and help to fatten up the cows, but it kills off our good healthy bacteria in our bodies, which can negatively effect our health.
4. With the pasteurization process, the heating up of the milk, it kills off pathogenic agents but it also denatures enzymes and kills beneficial bacteria.
Therefore I recommend staying away from cow’s dairy, as it is a major inflammatory food, with chemicals added to it and has been altered, it provides the body with very little nutritional value.
There are alternatives. You can replace cow’s dairy and goat or sheep dairy, they are smaller animals, so their casein protein is smaller and easier for our human bodies to breakdown. You can also have rice, almond, coconut or nut milks as cow milk alternatives.