FOUR Benefits of High Dose Vitamin C IVs

  1. Essential nutrient is rapidly absorbed. Large doses of Vitamin C taken intravenously provide the body with this essential nutrient and ensure rapid delivery to the cells by administering the vitamin at a high concentration directly into the bloodstream.
  2. Alkalinizes the body. Vitamin C works to change the body to a more alkaline state, providing an undesirable environment for unhealthy cells to thrive.
  3. Generates hydrogen peroxide intracellularly. Intravenous vitamin therapy provides the body with high doses of vitamin C which is a pro-oxidant that generates hydrogen peroxide intracellularly(1,2,3). Hydrogen Peroxide is a naturally occurring biochemical that preferentially kills unhealthy cells and leaves healthy cells unharmed.
  4. Toxins such as heavy metals, synthetic chemicals, and byproducts from poor digestion and infections overload our bodies, accumulate in our tissues, and block normal regulation. Intravenous vitamin C supports detoxification by converting toxins to harmless substances that are eliminated through the urine.


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