I’m excited to introduce a new therapy we have at our clinic called FLOWpresso.

FLOWpresso helps the body to regain balance, restore health and help to shift the body into a better state of health.

FLOWpresso helps to improve lymphatic drainage. This is such an important component of people’s health, as the lymphatic system gets all congested and it is not freely flowing and toxic loads get locked into our system. So stimulating the lymphatic system is a huge health benefit.

There is a range of health issues that this therapy can help benefit. It will help to improve lymphatic drainage, improve sleep, improve energy, stress reduction, helps athletes with recovery and mobility.

It works on compression. It does a cyclical compression throughout the whole body. So you are put into a body suit that you lie in. There are 22 air compression chambers that does a cyclically compression all over the body to a specific order to move the lymphatics. There are lots of other therapies out there but this is nothing that compares to this one. It doesn’t just work on the extremities, it also works on the thorax, because where the lymphatic system drains into the deep lymphatics is in the upper thorax. Therefore the cyclical compression is very important for helping to moving the whole lymphatic system.

It works on infra-red heat. The heat helps to increase blood flow throughout the body and the heat is comforting and warming helps to shift the body into the relaxation state.

It works on deep pressure. It’s like giving the body a hug, in every part of the body. And the deep pressure helps to move the lymphatic system. It shouldn’t feel like a tight squeeze, it should feel like a nice hug.

It also have technology similar to PEMF, non-vibrational technology that goes on the back of the neck and it helps to increase energy flow in the neck and head. This helps to stimulate the relaxation mode and helps to shift the body from the sympathetic state to the parasympathetic state. When the body is in the parasympathetic state the lymphatic system is better able to drain.

The other things we add in to make this therapy as relaxing as possible is we put noise cancelling headphones on the patient where they listen to a mediation, and we put an eye covering over the eyes with some essential oils.

So the benefits of this therapy it that we are going to get the lymphatic system moving, we are going to help to decrease the stress in the body, we are going to shift your body into that deep relaxation state, so that your body can properly reset, properly drain, and properly detoxify.