Lymphatic system is the sewer system of the body. It cleans up tissues and moves toxins out the body. It is the body’s secondary circulatory system. The lymphatic system should be the consistency of water, when congested it becomes the consistency of sludge. The lymphatic system is a passive system, it has no pumping system. It does have a mini-valve system where fluid can flow in but not out, so it depends on the venous system and muscle contraction to move lymphatic system through the system. If the flow patterns are blocked, then we reabsorb the fluids and the fluids accumulate in the tissues. If the lymphatic system is not working effectively this can lead to a lowered immune function, chronic infections, chronic inflammation, reduced detoxification capacity. It’s important to understand the flow patterns of this closed system, you can think of it like a funnel. The superficial lymphatic system drains the head, neck, skin and breast tissue. The deep lymphatics drain the deep vital organs. The superficial lymphatic system drains into the deep lymphatic system, filters through the liver and empties out the colon. If the lymphatic system is congested you can appear symptomatically as sinus, ear or throat infections, swollen glands, edema, fluid retention, dark circles under eyes, weakened or impaired immune system, arthritis, chronic muscle pain or decreased ability to heal tissues.