1. Open minded because we do not practice the same way as your conventional medical doctor. Open to a different approach, a different paradigm of health.

2. Willing to play an active role in their health. Willing to follow a treatment plan, take supplements, make lifestyle changes, change diet. You need to be committed to the process.

3. Understand that they need to be patient with the process. This isn’t a quick fix. It took you a lifetime to get to the state of health that you are in, it will take time to get you into balance.

4. Understand that it’s the little things that you consistently do on a regular basis that will make all the difference in your progress.

5. Truly want to understand what is going on with their body’s and this may mean that we need to do further testing to gain a better understanding of the imbalances/dysfunction in the body.

If is all resonates with you, then we would love to work with you to help you achieve your health goals.