Many people think that as they age their energy will decrease, their metabolism will slow down, they will lose their libido. These are all just signs that the hormones are out of balance.

I ask patients about their periods. Are they a regular cycle, how many days of flow, what symptoms do they experience and when in their cycle do they occur?

If symptoms occur in the first part of their cycle, such as bad cramps, heavy bleeding, then their estrogen is likely out of balance. As the first part of the cycle is estrogen dominant and the second half of the cycle is progesterone dominant. We get an estrogen dominant picture from taking synthetic hormones such as HRT or BCP, eating animals injected with hormones, taking in pesticides that have estrogen-like properties. Need to take supplements that remove excess estrogen such as Indole-3-carbole or DIM.

If symptoms occur in the second half of the cycle, such as breast tenderness, fatigue or moodiness prior to menses, likely due to a progesterone imbalance, typically a low progesterone picture. We get low progesterone when the adrenals are drained, our bodies take progesterone and make it into adrenal hormones which overall lowers our progesterone levels. Therefore we need to support adrenal function and boost progesterone levels to help the body regain hormonal balance.

Day 1-14 OR New moon to Full Moon – Flaxseed oil

Day 15-30 OR Full Moon to New Moon – Evening Primrose oil