Let’s talk about electrodermal screening (EDS).

Electrodermal screening is a non-invasive way to see how all the different systems of the body are functioning.

It is a superior, highly innovative, computerized instrumentation that measures the energetic aspects of the body using the nervous system through the electro-acupuncture points.

It uses a galvanometer that measures the skin resistance and electrical potential through these electro-acupuncture points.

We have energetic systems that go throughout our entire body, they will bisect through organs and surface at the skin level. Where they surface at the skin level is called the electro-acupuncture points and that’s where we are measuring them and most of those points are on the hand and feet. The measurements give us an idea of what is going on with the internal organ systems.

Electrodermal screening has been used successfully in Europe since 1953. It was developed by Dr. Voll, who was a German physician, an engineer and an acupuncturist. As he was learning about acupuncture he thought if all of these acupuncture points actually exist, we should be able to measure them. That’s what he found, he was actually able to measure the electrical potential of all of these points. He corresponded these electro-acupuncture points to internal organ function.

In the clinic, we use classical electrodermal screening that was developed by Dr. Voll paired with modern, new, computerized technology.