I want to talk about the difference between drainage and detoxification. A lot of people talk about detoxification, but I think that what often is missing in the benefits of detoxification is actually adding in something called drainage.

What can happen is we can have an increased toxic load in our system. Toxic loads can accumulate in our tissues, then in the area around our cells and then inside our cells. We need to work on moving toxins out at the intracellular and extracellular spaces. Then we need to move the toxins out of the tissues. Then what helps to clean up all the tissues is our lymphatic system, therefore we need lymphatic drainage to remove the toxins from the tissues, and move them out to the major organs of detoxification, the liver and kidneys.

Therefore drainage is the cellular clean-up. It is moving toxic loads out of the cellular space, inside and outside of the cells. Then it moves the toxic load into the tissues, then the lymphatic system cleans up the toxins within the tissues. Then detoxification is helping to get the liver and the kidneys working well, so that they can then move the toxic load out of our system and dumps out through the colon. Therefore we need to make sure that the bowels are working well to eliminate those toxins.

I envision it like a funnel, because it is a closed system. So we need to work on the drainage component, then on the detoxification pathways to completely move those toxins out of the system. That is the difference between drainage and detoxification. They are very closely linked, but if you are not working on the drainage aspect then you are missing a major component of effectively moving toxins out of the body.

So biotherapeutic drainage has been around for hundreds of years, originating in Europe. With these drainage remedies, what they also help to do is they help to increase blood flow to specific organs. So we can get some targeted drainage from specific organs and we can help to move that toxic load out of that specific system.

The problem is if we have toxic loads all around our cells, we cannot get proper nutrients into our cells, we can’t get oxygen into the cells, and that’s when we have a lot of things break down within the cell, like mitochondrial dysfunction. So the drainage aspect is so important to improving how the cells actually function.