Many people believe that eating fat will make you fat and contribute to being overweight or obese. Many people think that they need to be eating “low-fat” foods. Unfortunately, “low-fat” food are filled with carbohydrates and fillers, which has led to more health problems and increase obesity rates, making this a very negative change in terms of our human physiology.

Fats are not making us fat. We need fats.

I want to explain a biochemical process in the body called “lipogenesis”. Lipogenesis is the process your body uses to convert carbohydrates into fatty acids which is the building blocks of fats. This process takes place in the liver and adipose cells. This process happens when there is an increase in insulin. We get the increase in insulin when we have high blood sugars. We get these high blood sugars when we consume sugar or starchy vegetables or carbohydrates.

Therefore it is the overconsumption of sugars or starchy carbohydrates that increases the stored fat in our body not consuming fat.