Cholesterol is essential in our body, not something to be feared or stopped.

There is a big connection between inflammation and cholesterol.  First you need to understand what inflammation is.  When you sprain your ankle and your ankle swells up, this is called inflammation.  What is happening is that the body is flooding the area with healing factors to enable to body to heal itself.  When the body is inflamed, you will see cholesterol levels increase because cholesterol is needed to replace damaged cells.  This is a necessary process that takes place in order for your body to make new, healthy cells and repair the damage.   Increased levels of cholesterol means that you have increased inflammation in the body.  Therefore the best way to treat high cholesterol (and heart disease) is to find the source of the inflammation and remove what is causing the inflammation.

The analogy that I use is: if there is a fire (inflammation) and cholesterol is like the fire fighters putting out the fire, you don’t remove the fire fighters to solve the problem, you find the source of the fire to put out the fire. This is why cholesterol lowering drugs can be so dangerous for the body.

Cholesterol-lowering drugs inhibit an enzyme in the liver that is needed to make cholesterol.  When you try to manipulate the delicate and precise biochemistry working within the body, you are bound to cause problems elsewhere.

To lower cholesterol we need to find the source of the inflammation (the fire), whether it is food intolerance, immune challenge, heavy metals, environmental toxins, structural imbalance or emotional conflict.  It is only when we can remove the source of the inflammation that we can allow the body to heal and repair and then the cholesterol levels will come into normal range.