Histamine is a natural part of the inflammatory response, it is released as inflammatory response, typically to a local immune response, such an allergic reaction.

What is the difference between taking an anti-histamine medication and taking a natural histamine reducer?

Anti-histamines medications contain compounds that blocks body’s response to histamine by blocking histamine receptors. Therefore histamine still remains high in the body and histamine levels will continue to increase in the body, then when you discontinue the anti-histamine medication then the symptoms, such as redness or rash, will return as the histamine in circulation will bind to the histamine receptors.

The natural histamine reducer supplements help to naturally bring the histamine levels down in the body, so that you no longer have that histamine reaction in the body. There are supplements such as quercetin which stabilizes mast cells which is responsible for the release of histamine, this naturally helps to bring down histamine levels. There’s an enzyme that is produced in the gut lining called Diamine Oxidase (DAO) enzyme that processes histamine and helps to naturally bring down our histamine levels. If there are imbalances in in the digestive tract, damage in the gut wall, or the integrity of the gut wall is disrupted then we don’t produce enough the of DAO enzyme which is needed to process the histamine.

Therefore we need to heal the gut to ensure we can effectively make DAO enzymes to manage histamine, we need to nutritionally support the DAO enzyme, which can help to control the histamine levels in the body and the histamine response.