The ALCAT Food Sensitivity test is different than any other food sensitivity test on the market, as it is measuring the leukocyte cellular reactivity in the whole blood. It’s looking at all of the white blood cell pathways and seeing how a person’s system reacts to different foods or chemicals. The ALCAT test uses a live, cellular, biological response test that detects triggers of inflammation.

We will be able to figure out how one person’s immune system responds to a vast array of foods and chemicals that you can come across on a daily basis.

There are other tests out there like skin tests and this test looks at one pathway called the IgE, which looks at one’s reactivity to a food and this is usually an immediate response to a food.

The other test commonly used is an IgG test. It’s looking at one pathway, the IgG pathway in response to a food. IgG test is more indicative of exposure as opposed to intolerance.

The advantage for the ALCAT test is that it’s looking at the whole blood and it’s looking at all the different immune pathways and the reactions one could potentially have.