THREE possible dysfunctions that can present as adrenal fatigue

The adrenals release the body’s stress hormones. Any time the body is under any type of stress the adrenals release hormones to combat that stress. The three things that the body perceives as stress are:

  1. Mental/emotional stress
  2. Chronic inflammation
  3. Chronic infections

Three different scenerios that can present as adrenal fatigue but we would treat them differently. Signs of adrenal fatigue can be extremely exhausted and fatigued, doesn’t recover well, feels tired even with a good night sleep, or doesn’t sleep very well.

  1. Adrenal gland is functioning at a low level and cannot produce enough adrenal hormones to keep up with the demand.
  2. Adrenals are functioning adequately and producing enough adrenal hormones but the adrenal hormones are not being transported into the cells, therefore it is not being utilized by the cells, similar to insulin resistance.
  3. The adrenals are functioning adequately but the demand for adrenal hormones is so high that the adrenals are unable to keep up with the production.