My frustration…


My frustration…

Honestly sometimes I get frustrated.

I use a system of medicine that works with the body to help it to regain normal physiology.  As opposed to the conventional system that uses drugs to manipulate physiology to diminish symptoms.  Why is helping the body to regain proper physiology seem so crazy, so way out there?  I help the body to function properly, the way it was intended to work.  Why is this regarded by the average person in our society as such a bizarre concept?  Then I start to realize that we need to educate the public and help them to understand what we do.

I become grateful that I chose this profession and that I have wonderful parents that had the foresight to see this profession as the leaders of the future and encouraged me to not be a follower but instead choose to be a leader, to not do what was easily accepted but to create my own path.  And the best way to lead the way is to educate and create understanding.

Education is important to me.  Through education people gain new perspective and paradigms can shift.  I educate my patients one-on-one in my office, if you sit in my on reception area you will be surrounded by educational material from the powerpoint presentation on the big screen that I have put together on various topics, to magazines and books.  I write articles for our clinic newsletter and website and health magazines.  I conduct talks on a regular basis.

This is an exciting field that I am passionate about and for those individuals who want to reap the benefits of better health with a body that functions the way it was intended to.  I am committed to offering top notch services, to stay updated on medicine and help my patients reach their health goals.  I want to use my frustration to be better and not lose sight of my commitment to those individuals who understand, support and believe in this system of medicine.