DETOX DAY 9 – Finishing with a renewed motivation

Well, today is the last day of my cleanse.  I’m planning on eating dinner tonight, which I am definitely looking forward to.  I feel like I’ve given my digestive tract a nice rest and now am ready to give it some exercise.

One of the nice side effects is that I am down 7lbs.  I’m hoping that some of the poundage is toxins leaving my body.  The challenge is to keep it off once food is introduced and I believe that is possible if I eat a really clean diet that is loaded with fresh vegetables.  I’m ready to take on that challenge.

After doing this cleanse and hosting the movie screening of “Hungry for Life”, I end this cleanse with a renewed motivation to eat a clean, real, whole food diet.  I have no desire to fill my body with any processed, chemical-laden foods.  I want to commit to eating real food.  Grocery store here I come…ready to pick up lots of fresh produce!!!