DETOX DAY 5 – I can’t completely get away from food


DETOX DAY 5 – I can’t completely get away from food

I usually make my Neera drink the night before. It consists of freshly squeezed lemon juice, tree syrup, water and cayenne pepper.  I make about 2 litres, which lasts me the day. I like that it’s so simple to make and takes very little time to put together.

Most people who do this cleanse save on groceries and my grocery bill was definitely reduced since I haven’t been eating any food this week.

Most people on this cleanse will have extra time in their day since they do not have to prepare or cook food.  Unfortunately this is not the case for me, as I still have to cook for my family.  I have been preparing and cooking dinner for my family and still sitting with them while they eat. This is nice family time, but honestly a little tempting and an effort to resist.  My daughter will say to me, Mommy why aren’t you eating, and I’d have to explain to her that I was doing a cleanse.  Then she would say, poor Mommy can’t eat this yummy food.  Yes, she’s rubbing it in!

So for me, in addition to not eating food and all the challenges that goes with that, I still have to cook for my family, so I’m still very much around food, thinking about what I will cook for the next meal and watching food be eaten.  But I just think of this as the joys of detoxing and motherhood!!   Did I say “joys” or “challenges”??!!