FOUR Tips to Stay Healthy when Travelling

When you are traveling the last thing you want is to get sick. There is no doubt that traveling itself can be a stress on the body whether it is being susceptible to infections on the plane or in a new environment, adapting to different [...]

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Holiday Reflection

The holidays are an excellent time for reflection on the year and your life in general. It’s been a particularly challenging year for me. My mom passed away in August. As we approach the holidays and you’ve lost someone close to you, it gets even [...]

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THREE Problems with Peanuts

Three Problems with peanuts and possibly the increase in anaphylactic peanut allergies. 1. Most peanuts have been genetically modifications, which means it has been changed and altered, which makes them difficult for our bodies to recognize and properly metabolize and utilize. 2. Peanuts are prone [...]

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