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…my knuckles became swollen and my hands ached which prevented me from having a good night’s sleep. The more drugs I took the more my hands ached and a rash appeared on various parts of my body; I couldn’t garden, volunteer, or play golf…
…after about 10 months {of seeing Dr. Roberts} my inflamed knuckles subsided and my hands stopped aching; (My Rheumatologist declared that my diagnosed Psoriatic/Inflammatory Arthritis was in remission). This positive outcome was achieved primarily due to Dr. Roberts’ holistic and natural-based treatment for which I am grateful.


Being a generally healthy individual, I had the unfortunate incident of coming down with a serious flu that lasted for a period of 4-5 days. Vomiting, migraine, diarrhea, fever of 103+, hot flashes and chills, severe sweating and no sleep. I wasn’t able to keep any sort of food down and limited liquids. Its needless to say that when I came into Advanced Naturopathic on the 5th day, I was in pretty bad shape. I was given a IV, Meyer’s Cocktail and some liquids. That evening I was able to eat a meal and keep it down (I was starving). By the next day, I was feeling close to 100% better. And by the day after that, I felt better than I have in MONTHS. I wish I had come in earlier, this treatment and this practice is truly a blessing.



I’m feeling so much better now than when I first arrived at Advanced Naturopathic Medical Centre (ANMC).  The friendly well-skilled staff are dedicated to my overall well-being and the treatment program I’m receiving has been quite positive.  For me, it is an interactive type of healing process; I am willing to follow the Naturopath’s dietary instructions along with administering her prescribed remedies and supplements.  ANMC’s website has really helpful and interesting content and you can schedule your own appointments.  Although I live in the far SE of Calgary I feel it’s worth the trek to this clinic (which is easy to access and park near Market Mall) and I’ve provided recommendations to my friends who have had their own positive experiences at ANMC.


“Building a Healthy Child” teaches parents how to introduce foods in a way that prevents digestive disturbances, common childhood illnesses and builds long-term health.

This book is based on the concept that the foundation of the human microbiome is established between birth and age 3 and this is the foundation of good health that needs to be established in these early years. The second key concept is the understanding the different organs reach full maturation at different stages of development therefore we need to introduce foods in line with organ maturation to support proper growth and development. The third concept is that our bodies are hard-wired to breakdown real, nutrient-dense foods, not processed, chemically-laden food-like products.


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