UBI/Ozone IV

We often pair these therapies together because it works so well together. Here are the benefits of pairing these oxidative therapies together.

This therapy helps to balance the immune system. In autoimmune conditions it helps to quiet the immune system and if the immune system is functioning at the low level it helps to bolster the immune system. It helps to decrease inflammation and increase microcirculation.

A well-balanced and strong immune system is the key to maintaining good health.

Studies have shown that 70-80% of patient’s with chronic disorders were able to improve significantly with UBI-Ozone IV therapy and that was with receiving 5 or more treatments. These therapies work synergistically together and we get better results when used together.

The UV lights add energy to the red blood cells (RBCs) which lead to a healing cascade in the body.

Ozone in the blood makes an oxidative stress in the body causing the body to respond and heal.

How the therapy works is we take out some blood. Then we add that blood to some saline. Then we can ozone to the saline-blood mixture. Then we drip that mixture back into the patient. Before that blood mixture gets back to the patients it goes under IV lights. This leads to getting both the benefits of the Ozone and UBI therapy in one treatment.

One of the greatest improvements that has happened in UBI therapy over the last 50 years is this patented cuvette therapy. The cuvettes have within them a patented technology where the blood will spin which increases the surface area of the blood and increase the exposure of the blood to the UV lights. This improves the benefits of the UBI therapy.

UBI-Ozone IV therapy is typically used for allergies, autoimmune disease, cancer, chronic infections; bacterial, viral, Lyme, Epstein Barr virus (EBV).

This therapy is helping to improve the function of the immune system so that the whole body is able to heal itself.